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The scale weighed and you found wanting. Unfit for passage, unfit for damnation. Welcome to the...



THE ASYLUM is a spiritual prison where souls are brought in for sentencing within its metaphysical walls.

Time served in the Asylum depends on how the person lived in life – good or bad, true or disingenuous, and the parameters of “rehabilitation” are set by the two orders who run the facility:

All souls are innocent until proven guilty. The Authority is the light in the darkness. Their goal is to bring out the best in every mortal soul, draw them closer to Paradise. They are benevolent celestials who serve in the middle-place called The Asylum, using the souls rehabilitating within their cells to maintain a balance for good.

The Malifecium are celestials from a dark place called the Infernum. They aim to force damnation on as many redemption-seeking souls as possible. Ruled by lies and deceit, they are always looking to bypass the ancient treaties developed by both sides. The question of all out war, consequently, is always close at hand.
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