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The Aftermath

Asylum Seekers!

Thank the Source you are alright...

We were able to contain any residual celestial energy to Southwest Wing 6. An explosion of the magnitude we just experienced unleashed untapped energy that produced a slew of unexpected phenomena. Creatures from other dimensions were ripped into our world, massive chunks of reality were twisted and distorted – stone floors turning to sludge, pockets of air becoming clouds of aggravated wasps. This kind of situation has everyone on both sides of the morality coin, both Malifecium and Authority, scrambling to re-establish order.

That is, after 29 of our most dangerous souls were able to slip outside the Asylum’s walls and enter a tear in the veil of death that was caused by that intense release of power.

You were fortunate to have been within this rotunda during the chaos. This chamber is refortified by the magic of my blue flame, essentially indestructible. Although, I heard you were entertained, once more, by my conveniently absent co-warden.

Jude has found a shadow to hide in while we clean up the mess the Malifecium let slip through their fingers. I say “let” because no inmate soul within our facility would have the capabilities, nor resources, to concoct such a coup.

It seems you know this already... Hmm, I must have that talk with Jude.

For now, I ask that you stay safely within your group. IF one of our rogue souls finds its way into a crowd of mortal bodies, the temptation for possession and an easy escape out the dwarf star door would be irresistible.

As of now, we can’t account for any of the escapees’ whereabouts. Their entrance onto the mortal plane was instantaneous and, as we speak, I am sure these mostly evil essences have sought out and overtaken an innocent human shell.

Our Guides on earth have been alerted and I’ve messaged Jude to request that the Horde use the Thralls that have boots on mortal ground to ask around and be on the lookout for any unauthorized possessions. This type of escape makes fools of us all. Since its conception, there has never been a successful escape, and I intend to keep it that way. It’s just a matter of corralling evil essences who want nothing more than to continue their nefarious ways – without recourse or punishment – in the body of their innocent of choice.

The Source mother warned me of this. This is what she told me in my dream. She also said there was no way to stop it. I immediately demanded a request for inspection of Southwest Wing 6 but was blocked by my counterpart. Jude assured me that everything was locked down, there was no fear of an uprising or a celestial explosion.

Do you believe now that demons tell nothing but lies?

The Guides on earth are not powerful enough to take on a possessed soul, they were not built for combat and, quite frankly, are soft as cottage cheese. The Archangels will not get involved for their appearance to mortal eyes is too startling – all show, no substance really – and we can’t have an additional panic. And to use a Dominion – we don’t know the meaning of the word tact, and cities would fall in the melee.

The Malifecium are in the same boat. Their Thralls might act as lookouts, if they feel so inclined or are threatened with quartering by an overling, but the minor demons are wholly unreliable and the last thing we need are possessed mortals attacking, and potentially killing, possessed mortals. We need a better solution...

Hannah Donovan is that solution.

Something in Donovan’s mortal makeup is immune to the influence of Light and Dark. That is why she passed through the dwarf star door without a proper judgment, that is why she went unnoticed by our Guides on earth, that is why my Blue Flame did not engulf her completely. On the contrary, a piece of my power has attached itself to Donovan, choosing to bolster the love Donovan holds dearly for her husband, Jamie. That love I can manipulate, for lack of a better word, and by getting her to agree to be my hunter, I can teach her to use the Blue Flame that now flows through her. I can teach her to become something more than a mortal soul, something more than the human form she shed back on earth...

I will teach her to become a VESSEL.

There have only been a few hundred Vessels throughout the Asylum’s history. They are mortal souls that have the ability to manipulate Light or Dark energies because of a glitch in their makeup, like Donovan for instance. Think a form of special forces, made up of mortal souls, given a bit more substance and the ability to freely carryout missions, for either the Malifecium or the Authority, on the mortal plane. Vessels can only be chosen by the Source, or her daughter, the Dark One, to the south.

Donovan is unique because no Vessel, Light or Dark has ever been able to wield – in any way – celestial power. Donovan can. I will show her and, upon her transformation, she will be a force to be reckoned with. The most powerful Vessel in our history.

I’ll have to get into the ins and outs of a Vessel when next we speak. I have much to do to prepare Donovan for what she is about to become.

Will she say no?

Like I said, the offer I am about to make her may seem like manipulation, but these are desperate times...

And we need a hunter.

You’ve definitely visited our facility at a tenuous time, my dear mortals. On the contrary, you can’t deny it’s exciting.

Now where is that Jude?



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