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Tipping the Scales

Yes, mortal herd, the demon has returned.

You look just as lost as last I left you. Staring into nothing, chewing your cud.


Maggie has been lax in her duties as of late. Spread so thin, that one. I don’t care as much, so I have all the time in the world to terrorize the likes of you.

I actually know where to find your angel. She spends the hours chatting away with some suicide piece of ass (I already forgot her name), attempting to convince the girl that the darkness a suicide embraces will only lead her into The Pit.

Hahahaha. Everything leads you to The Pit. You cannot possibly begin to imagine how hard the Authority must work to keep souls from dropping, by the millions, into glorious darkness, on a daily basis. The reason for this is simple...

Temptation. There is nothing stronger. Your mortal world is full of it. The temptation to take, to feel pain, to cause pain, to indulge, to hate, to love selfishly, to desire, to act on those desires, to spit venom... To kill.

Aha. Death and a mortal’s strange relationship with it. You meat that stand before me are fortunate to realize that death is a mere transitional state, but most of your kind doesn’t have that luxury. Your greatest fear is that your selfishly indulgent little lives will be snuffed out and you won’t be remembered, you won’t be mourned, you won’t continue to be looked on as “special” or “significant” in the grand Communion.

YOU AREN’T. Learn that now.

Learn something else, mortals. When the light fails, which it will, what do you think will stand in its place? I’ll answer for you...

The cold void. The lifeblood of The Pit.

The most powerful stars fade. Your own sun will eventually run its course. A battery only has so much charge before it fails you. Now, this will completely blow your mind...

You, mortals, are the conduit for the light. The Source put so much of herself into the creation of your kind, even disregarding her own celestial progeny (a mistake that I will happily relay to you if you want a true cautionary tale), that your salvation -- the hope that you would choose our creator’s love over the mess you’ve made of things – is necessary to keep the battery from running cold.

In other words, your kind will eventually dictate the fate of existence itself. Which is so unbelievably titillating, because you are so royally fucking it up.

Maggie isn’t the only one who has been having heart-to-hearts with the tainted souls who enter these halls. I too have spoken with an essence or two recently to test the human temperature. What I’ve found is in a world of social media (which, as Maggie stated, the Malifecium created) and an unfiltered exchange of ideas, mostly hate speech and hypocrisy, as well as a technological world replacing silly religious ideals and their moral safeguards, we are seeing a massive disruption as the human populace allows its ego to balloon out of control.

We are talking political strife on every corner of the planet, as well as a complete disregard for the natural world with the earth’s environment giving the mortal populace a giant middle finger -- earthquakes, fires, typhoons, blizzards, and hurricanes en masse. And you have the rise of a despot within your most powerful empire, nuclear positioning, unapologetic sexism -- with woman just beginning to claw out of their holes and the glorious backlash that has received, racism and self-righteousness, continued genocide, apartheid, third world starvation, with the rich getting richer and the poor begging for compassion that no longer exists, and movies about human centipedes (excuse me, three movies about human centipedes).

You cattle can choose the love The Source openly offers you at any time. It’s about gratitude and taking stock in what has been provided for you.

Nope. You covet more.

You replace love and simple joy with wealth and lifestyle, or religious persecution, or the pounding fist of military rule, or sexual desire over hearth, home, and family, or your addiction to vices deliciously countless to list here.

When a demon is hatched, a single phrase is whispered in its ear...


Regardless of our crass nature and fuck-it-all mentality, the Malifecium are aware, from the first time we enter the Communion, that we must work towards one goal: to snuff out your Light and bring about the eternal Void.

And we do it well, all of one singular mind. While The Source may consider us a tragic mistake, we in actuality are closer to what she wanted to achieve through the creation of mortals. We embrace one purpose and work to achieve it with every fiber of our black hearts. That is why the Authority is now skating up hill. The Malifecium are winning on the ground as well as in the ether.

It is only a matter of time before your battery reserve sinks to zero.

I, and the rest of the Horde, are using all of our resources to make sure that happens a lot sooner than expected.

Big things are definitely in motion, starting here in the Asylum. You’ll have a front row seat. Enjoy the fireworks.

Chew on that cud, cattle.

Bye now.



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